Delmarva Motorcycle Hearse Company has been established to help you with a personal and unique service for the motorcycle enthusiast and others who want to break traditions. We offer the customized Tombstone motorcycle hearse to provide an alternative to the traditional motorcar hearse to fulfill the bikers "Farewell Ride" and burial tribute while still maintaining complete dignity.

For people wishing to break tradition, you will find the 19th century styling of the hearse offers a unique means of transportation for your loved one to their final resting-place. A motorcycle hearse makes a statement and personalizes the service to provide that special remembrance for your family and friends. Family members of the military, police force and fireman both active duty and retired will appreciate the glass sided caisson to show their love, respect and pride for their loved one.  This special effect will be achieved with a Tombstone Hearse.

We want to provide the families and friends with every lasting memories of the farewell ride. We strongly believe that his or her love of riding should not have to end with their passing. That is why we provide a service by which friends and family alike can send off their loved ones in a fashion that is fitting with the lifestyle they've lived. We provide parts of a tribute service that will be remembered and cherished for years to come.


Our services are available privately or through your preferred funeral home.  The coach is capable of transporting both standard and oversized caskets. Urns for cremation services will be transported in a beautiful hand crafted funeral arc that prominently displays the urn and allows for pallbearers to take part in the service.