Basic Service within the local area:         $750.00

  • Basic services include the use of the hearse and driver for transportation from the funeral home or church to the place of interment up to 25 miles.

  • After the first 25 miles the price will be $2.00 per additional mile.

  • All active duty military killed in combat, or police and fireman killed in the line of duty will not be charged the basic service fee (all other charges will apply).  We feel that if they gave their life while protecting ours it is the least we can do.

  • All other members of the military police or fire departments either active duty or retired will receive 10% off the cost of the basic service.

  • Services outside of the local area will have an additional charge.  Please contact us for the total cost.

Additional Costs:

  • Any trips requiring an overnight stay will have an additional $150.00 charge added.

  • Services lasting longer than six hours will be charged an additional $100.00 per hour. The time will start from the time we are asked to show for the service.

  • For the family’s convenience you may choose to pay us directly or most funeral homes can include our fees into the final bill and they can arrange the payment.